Frederick Stephenson Photography

About Me

I have had an active interest in photography over the years, to varying degrees, since I first discovered photography in college, where it turned out to be a source of income. Until relatively recently, all of my work was on film, using Nikons in 35mm and Hasselblad and Pentax 6x7 in medium format. I did all of my own printing from negatives, to 16x20 in color, and shot transparencies on Kodachrome.

Over the past several years I have begun to explore digital photography, which has substantially renewed my interest in photography. It is impossible to overstate the immensity and the significance of the technological transformation from film to digital. The camera optics remain the same, and the art of "taking pictures" remains the same, but after that, we are going from a chemical process to having the image rendered digitally with 1's and 0's. This completely and profoundly transforms post capture processing, and without trying to explain why, in my mind the benefits of this vastly outweigh any disadvantages, quite independently of the fact that at this point qualitatively, format by format, digital images are clearly superior to film images.

In terms of photographic subjects, my interests remain the same. Simply the world around me, in all of its forms, coupled with a specific interest in photographs that are compositionally strong. Additionally though, digital processing opens the door to going beyond simply capturing the observed scene, whether through creating a hyper-reality by introducing arbitrary color, through merging photography with digital drawing, or through a number of other possible approaches.

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